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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Dusit Thani Guam Resort

Royal Ballroom

Registration Opens

8:00 am

Please present your Inspire Guam ticket or proof of payment with a valid ID at the check-in counter outside the Royal Ballroom located on the 6th Floor of the Dusit Thani Guam Resort.


  • Break out session sign-ups

  • Complimentary headshot opportunity 

  • Design your business card with Zivid Designs

  • Build a new resume  using Venngage 


Wifi: Dusit Guest 

Password: Welcome2Dusit!

Lite Refreshments

8:30 am

Connect with entrepreneurs and marketing professionals while you enjoy lite refreshments, coffee, and hot tea. 

  • Bingo Game Begins ​(Visit Check-in Desk) 

Wifi: Dusit Guest 

Password: Welcome2Dusit!

Discover New Communities, Products, and Services

8:45 am

Open Mic: Share more information about your community, product, or service. 

Wifi: Dusit Guest 

Password: Welcome2Dusit!

Welcoming Remarks

9:00 am

Yani Schanbel

Program Director 

Inspire Guam




Opening Remarks

9:10 am

Senator James Moylan

35th Guam Legislature

Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

9:25 am

Victor Calvo

Creative Director, Inspire Guam 

Marketing Consultant, Invictus MKTG 

Growth by Content:

"How to Drive Traffic Without A Big Budget"

9:55 am

Nadya Khoja 

Chief Growth Officer, Venngage




10:35 am

5-Minute Break 

How to turn Traffic into Leads

Generating Leads with Email Marketing

10:40 am

John Pagulayan

Community Builder 

Founder, The Freelance Movement Tribe 

Breakout Session: CREATE 

11:15 am

Live Vlog Demo: "How to Vlog from Setup to Editing" with Jojo Aquino

Location: The Cellar 


Engaging with the Right Audience -- #Hashtags, Locations, Tags, & Captions with Jeriza Torres 

Location: Royal Ballroom (Stage 2)


Perspective Content: Using Photography for Growth with Luke Fernandez

Location: Alfredo's Steakhouse 

How to Bring Photos to Life -- Create Style With Color with Nash Hagen

Location: Royal Ballroom (Stage 1)


GTA Private Session: Workplace Communication

Location: The Study


Panel: Going Against the Grain with Pika & Lenny Fejeran moderated by Yani

11:55 am

Pika & Lenny Fejeran 


Hot Concepts, Inc

Lunch & Entertainment 

12:20 - 1:20 pm


Open Mic: Discover new communities, products, and services 

Continue Bingo game 


Growing your Audience on Social Media (Retargeting)

1:30 pm

Isaac Duenas

Marketing Consultant 

Freelancer: Graphic Design

From Passion to Business

1:55 pm

Jacy Bravo 


Content Creator 

Content Fueled by Passion & Collaboration

2:20 pm

Nash Hagen 

Content Creator 

Native Video Creation with Guam WebTV

2:50 pm

Chanel Victoria

Ken Hoots

Networking: Passion 

3:10 pm

Continue Bingo Game

Rebranding Panel: How to Keep the Ice Cream from Melting

3:25 pm

Annisa Lujan

Mariah Borja

Sunday's Guam

Rebranding in Paradise

3:50 pm

Mike Sgro 

General Manager 

Paradise Fitness

Passion with a Purpose

4:05 pm

Charlie Hermosa


Guam Gift Baskets

Entrepreneurship, Technology, Marketing, and Impact:

How it all Ties In

4:35 pm

Jason Lin

Chief Talent

Talent Basket 

Closing Remarks

5:00 pm

Yani Schnabel 

Program Director


5:00 pm

Royal Ballroom 

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*Agenda subject to change.