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Neal Schaffer

Keynote Speaker


Social Media Strategist

Forbes 50 Top Social Media Power Influencers

"Tactics to Amplify Content Marketing with Social Media"

Jon Nathan Denight

President & CEO, Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB)

"The Future of Tourism and How You Can Get Involved Digitally"

Jackson Fox

Marketing Director, The Beans and Rice @thebeansandrice

"How to Build a Powerful Portfolio to Showcase Your Work"

Darlene Garcia

Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist, The Grief Recovery Institute

"How to Maximize the Use of your LinkedIn Profile to Build your Network, Personal Brand and Build Community on a very Human Level."

Denise Mendiola

Senior Business Advisor, Bank of Guam Women in Business Program Coordinator 

"How to start in Business in Guam" 

James Pasion

Founder, CoCreate Inc.

"The future of co-working in Guam"

Peta Johnston

Change Maker, Organic Initiative


"The Struggles of Launching a Product in Guam and Building a Community Around Sustainability"

Jay Rojas

Director, Guam Economic Development Agency (GEDA)


"The Future of Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Guam"

Kaz Endo

Partner & Chief Creative Evangelist


Partner & Chief Experience Officer


Owner Archetype

Esei Design Co.


Delmonico Kitchen & Bar

"You Suck. Now Change It" 

Leevin T. Camacho

Lawyer, The Law Office of Camacho

"Basic Legal Requirements for Launching a  Business in Guam" 

JoJo Aquino

Social Media Strategist, Pina Social Media 

Travel Vlogger @TravelingPetiteGirl 

"Instagram for Businesses"

Boo Ada

Podcast Host, Master Random

"How to leverage other platforms to grow your brand" 

Francis McJohn

Lead Singer, The John Dank Show

Panel - "How Local Artists are Working to Help Improve Guam"

Johnny Arceo

Firefighter, GFD

Brewmaster, Antigu Brewery 

"Crafting a New Culture of Entrepreneurs"  

Victor Calvo

Founder & Consultant, Invictus Consulting

"Fueling Digitalization"

Ray Chargualaf

Fitness Coach, Håtsa Movement

Owner, Fat Boy Slim

"Managing Multiple Businesses in Guam" 

Holly Rustick

Amazon Bestselling Author

CEO WEGO Consulting

Podcast Host, Creatives Exposed 

"How to Drive Growth Utilizing Multiple Media Platforms"

Amit Sachdev

CEO & Founder, Stroll Guam

"Managing a Mobile-App Start-Up in Guam" 

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